Glaucoma is one of the main causes of irreversible blindness in the world.It is a disease that has a deleterious effect on the optic nerve as it decreases the amount of nerve fiber layers leading to blindness if it is not treated in a timely fashion. It is a silent disease since in its initial stages symptoms are subtle and the patient is usually not aware of his condition. Hence it is important to have periodic yearly eye examinations by an ophthalmologist especially if there is a family member with glaucoma.   Nowadays there is no treatment that can recover the amount of vision lost due to glaucoma thus an early diagnosis, treatment and followup are the best means of preventing blindness from this disease.



Clear lens exchange
It is a revolutionary new surgery offered to those who desire to be free of glasses. It is similar to cataract surgery except that it is performed for refractive purposes.

Cataract Surgery Video

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